Analyzing Your Airport’s New Aviation Future

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A Clear, Futurist Analysis of The New Challenges & Opportunities

A Forensic Review of Your Air Service.
Vulnerabilities & Opportunities In The New Economic Environment

Runway To The Future combines a forensic and detailed analysis of the emerging aviation dynamics as they will affect your airport, along with specific recommendations on how to address vulnerabilities and maximize opportunities.

This is a detailed analysis of every aspect of your airport’s future – the airline trends that will shape the future of your airport and air service access.

It’s Completely New Marketplace.
Traditional Metrics & Analyses No Longer Apply

Think about it. Airlines are seeing fuel costs spike as much as 20%. Plus new labor contracts delivering as much as 40% higher expense in coming months.

That traditional “true market study” no longer applies when airline economics fundamentally shift like this.

Your Air Access Is Now In The Control of Airlines – Know Their Future Direction. Every aspect of your airport’s air service will be affected by the new airline cost structures.

New fleets and new fleet applications will be implemented. New competitive strategies will be developed. It is critical to understand these and prepare accordingly.

  • Regional hub feed will be affected as airlines redeploy scarce 76-seat airliners;
  • Impulse leisure travel – ULCCs – will be affected by higher costs and consumer inflation;
  • Network systems will be looking at current and future revenue generation in each market;
  • Consumer competition between regional airports will shift.

The question is how these will affect your airport. Where is your traffic base vulnerable to airline operating costs spiking as much as 20% or more? How does your market fit in to what will be very different airline corporate strategies?

Boyd Group International’s unrivaled expertise in identifying new aviation trends has developed an airport-specific program that delivers planning answers that go beyond traditional analyses.

A Foundation For The Next Phase of Air Transportation

The only program based on hard, futurist forensic analyses of your airport and how it can plan through the new airline economics.

Hard Facts Only. We start by imparting a clear and concise picture of the new structure of U.S. air transportation and logistics, and then relate it to specifically what your airport faces in the future. No sugar-coating. Just the hard facts – and some will be quite positive, by the way, particularly in the area of the new aviation applications and logistical trends.

Section One: National Aviation Trend Scenarios

We have seen the major changes in the airline system – new fleet mixes, different strategies, and adjustment to evolving consumer demand. But just as importantly, there have been shifts in the applications of aviation in other areas – particularly logistics and distribution. Anticipating and planning to accommodate these new opportunities must be a key focus of future airport strategic planning. Runway to The Future delivers this.

Section Two: Emerging Local Aviation Trends v Historical

Put that pre-Covid market study back on the shelf – or into the round file. It’s all about an air transportation system that no longer exists.

This is where the landing gear meets the runway. Our Runway To The Future program candidly reviews the economic role – and the potential economic roles – at your airport, and relates them to what is forecast to take place in the new environment.

We’ll relate current shifts in air service due to airline strategy changes, particularly in light of massively increased operational costs, and candidly discuss how they will affect your community. We’ll relate the emerging trends in all areas of aviation as they relate to the regional economic opportunities that can be explored.

We do not focus on distant hypotheticals. Every airport must face the hard realities of competition from other airports, consumer convenience, cost of air service, and alternative communication and distribution channels.

Section Three: Trend Analyses & Forecast Scenarios – Short-term & Long Term

Boyd Group International is the leader in airport forecasting. Our Airports:USA® program relates all aspects of air traffic generation.

Today, airlines are now re-thinking and re-strategizing. The economics of air service are now dependent on much higher operating costs. That means all bets are off in regard to air service development.

For airports currently with scheduled service and/or the potential of same, The Runway To The Future program will deliver a near-term forecast – month-by-month, out one year – to gain an understanding of what can be expected as the airline industry restructures.

The long-term traffic and trend forecasts what is expected over the four years beyond the short-term projections, and will discuss known and expected strategic scenarios. Our Airports:USA forecast system – the only one accomplished entirely in the private sector, without any political intervention – is our clients’ advantage.

Section Four: Strategic Blueprint

From these data, Boyd Group International will assist in developing and crafting your airport’s comprehensive strategic and tactical future development program. We will discuss each opportunity within the real context of the future aviation system.

No other source can deliver this level of forecast expertise – which will cut through the hype and deliver hard facts and projections which are critical to airport planning in the new environment.

Section Five: Community Update Presentations

The future will be different from what is traditionally expected. Therefore, it is critical that the community be aware of the new dynamics that are part of the local airport.

Therefore, the Runway To The Future Program includes the delivery of a comprehensive community presentation that will outline the findings and forecasts of the project.

The final report and recommendations will be provided in a live video presentation for stakeholders. We can also provide on-site presentations, if requested.

The goal is to bring to the fore what the community can expect in the near term and how individuals can rally behind the airport in these tough times as well as in the future.

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We’re focused on the future. So are our clients.

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