Airports:USA Forecasts

Immediate, Up-to-Date Traffic & Trend Forecasts For 172 Airports

Understanding and anticipating the future is now imperative to airport an aviation planning. Relying on stale traditional forecast sources is a sure fire way to get blindsided.

Boyd Group International’s Airports:USA system is the only source of airport traffic and trend forecasts accomplished entirely in the private sector, with no political or special-interest intervention. Published since 1992, no other source is as professionally-focused or timely.

Forecast Reflecting The Future, Based On The Latest Trends. Annual FAA forecasts are based on entirely obsolete methodologies, and are updated (in arrears) only annually. In the post-pandemic air transportation environment that literally changes day by day, FAA data are essentially useless.

The Airports:USA forecast methodology has been carefully developed and adjusted to the changes in the air transportation industry. FAA’s methodology is based on the 1950s, assuming that airline capacity and strategies are entirely dependent of economic and demographic changes in each community and region. Today, that is complete nonsense. Airline strategies and fleet decisions are driving where, when and how much traffic changes – up and down – at every airport.

This is where Airports:USA is more than a compilation of numbers. It is a live and updated planning tool.

Updated And Current. When shifts take place in the air transportation industry, Airports:USA subscribers are onboard and ready.

When a ULCC enters or exits a market, Airports:USA reflects it.

When an incumbent makes capacity changes or schedule adjustments, Airports:USA reflects it.

When there is a known or expected shift in an airline’s fleet or strategy at a given airport, Airports:USA subscribers are advised.

In the volatile and uncertain airline industry, Airports:USA forecasts are the only ones in the industry that are updated monthly – or more often – to encompass changes in airline capacity, airline strategies, market conditions and other factors. The dynamics that will affect an airport’s enplanements and air service levels change rapidly. Airports:USA forecasts keep our subscribers immediately updated.

Subscribe Now, And Get A Jump On The Future. An Airports:USA forecast subscription, providing short-term enplanement forecasts (12-months) by month, with long-term (five year) annual projections, plus trend outlines from Boyd Group International, represents a planning tool that keeps airports ahead of the future, instead of reacting to it.

Subscription Options

Monthly Short-Term Forecasts

This provides a month-by-month enplanement forecast, updated every month.


Any major changes anticipated at the airport will be noted.

Specialized Forecasts

The expertise of Boyd Group International is available to provide specific-market and/or specific airline traffic and enplanement forecasts.

DOT O&D DATA ARE NOT TRUE DEMAND INFORMATION. As has been shown in ULCC and other markets, O&D is a function of the air service available over a specific period of time. When capacity, fares, or routings shift, the consumer demand follows.

The Airports:USA forecast methodology is applicable to “what-if” route and market traffic projections that are far more reliable than reported O&D, particularly when service level quality (fares, frequency, airline brand, and other factors) change.

These consulting services are available and priced based on the scope of the project. The deliverable is direct and clear, with the data delivered as-is, where-is. We provide hard planning data, not advocacy studies. Give us a call or an email with your specific needs. There is no other more reliable source of forecast data in the industry.