Boyd+Swelbar. Storming The Consensus

A New Channel of Aviation Insight That Refuses To Comply With The Consensus

Coming January 5… A whole new source of direct, incisive and unvarnished aviation commentary & perspectives.

Exploration of key issues that most other sources don’t touch.

It’s Boyd+Swelbar Unvarnished. A new, fast-paced bi-weekly web video that isn’t concerned with ambient thinking… just facts and clear perceptions.

Two well-known and completely unrepentant iconoclasts will take on issues that others just dance around. Or ignore completely.

As the name implies, it goes beyond the thin veneer and investigates the fundamentals of tough aviation issues. Directly and perhaps irreverently.

Nothing is off the table. Everything gets challenged. For just a couple examples of the type of issues we’ll be tackling – one every other week:

  • Is there really a post-Covid traffic “rebound?”
  • What about regional air service – is America actually over-served?
  • Leisure travel – is the inflation torpedo on the way?
  • Electric short-haul airliners – New, or just modern-day rechargeable helicopters?
  • International travel – will airlines be carrying more sailboat fuel than passengers?
  • Business travel – how much evaporation & what sectors?

These and more, in a fast-paced web presentation that will challenge the consensus, discard accepted dogma and barbecue a few sacred cows.

Of course, some people will want to shoot the messenger…

No problem. We’re different.

We shoot back.

Log on… New aviation thinking starts January 5.