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Boyd Group International Is The Leader In Forecast Expertise

Most consultants shy away from independent forecasts, preferring the “safe” route of depending on published government data. They don’t invest in the expertise and planning tools to develop independent forecasts. The result is that whether it’s an airline route projection, a terminal traffic estimate, or a full Master Plan forecast, the data is usually way off reality.

The hard fact is that today, most FAA and government forecasts are founded on methodologies that are perfect for the industry of the 1960s… and very inaccurate for the new dynamics that have changed aviation in the past 30 years.

And, let’s not dance around issues, most consultant forecasts accomplished for clients are merely advocacy documents. We don't take on projects like that.

Our Track Record – Unmatched For Identifying New Trends

This is another area that sets Boyd Group International ahead of the competition. Since our inception in 1984, we’ve been at the forefront of providing clients with all areas of aviation forecasts. And our track record speaks for itself.

The International Aviation Forecast Summit.

Now in its 20th year, the Summit is the leading forecast event in aviation, providing not only hard forecasts (not just prognostications – hard data) but also the futurist views of leaders throughout the global industry. The 2014 Summit attracted over 400 industry leaders to Las Vegas, and delivered whole new futurist perspectives that put the attendees ahead of their competition.

Airport Master Plan Forecasts.

The depth of forecast expertise of BGI is called upon by airports and engineering firms to prepare real-world traffic and operations forecasts for Master Plan documents. BGI’s extensive and always-current research regarding all areas of aviation – commercial, business, private, and rotor-wing – allows us to deliver far more accurate projections than any other source. When the real data varies substantially from the FAA’s TAF, we provide hard, factual support for the forecasts, to assure that the new Master Plan is a true reflection of the future.

New Fleet Dynamic Forecasts.

In 1986, we issued the first study outlining the future for the 50-seat “regional” jet. At the time, other analysts were merely comparing the costs of these aircraft to those of turboprops, with the conclusion that there was a limited market for small jet airliners. Our in-depth analysis focused on the wider mission applications and revenue generation “RJs” could deliver. We also made it very clear that the role of these aircraft was not organic to passenger demand, basically to fill a new fleet gap, and once satisfied, the demand for these airliners would decline.

Global Fleet Trend & Demand Forecast.

BGI produces the only truly independent forecast of global, region-by-region, category-by-category airliner demand, and is the basis for detailed projects accomplished for specific clients across the industry. It’s a reason that clients from large airframe manufacturers, to OEMs, to financial institutions call on BGI for support and assistance in clearly projecting the future.

Airports:USA Enplanement Forecasts.

The only comprehensive airport traffic projections accomplished independently in the private sector. Because it an airport-by-airport approach, using key dynamics affecting each facility, Airports:USA is far more accurate than FAA projections, which are still based on an obsolete methodology that assumes econometric data still drive airline capacity. Available on-line at

When You Need Real Forecasts – Call Us.

Our track record is unmatched in assisting clients in meeting the future with hard, direct, and incisive forecasts. We can assist you in planning for the future… for more information and to explore your needs, contact us by clicking here.

Think Global. Not Local.

Every airport in the US represents potential – because, regardless of size or role, airports are a logistics-system opportunity. Let Boyd Group International partner with you to find the right strategic approach to building your airport’s future.