BGI Opportunities

We’re Looking For A Few Good – No, Great – Associates…

At BGI, we’re continuing to move into projects represented by the new and evolving global aviation industry. And we’re looking for like-minded professionals that want to make a difference, challenge the status-quo, and deliver more than our clients expect.

Our Approach Is Different By Design. The foundation of everything we do is based on an industry-unique approach to independent research, forecasting and trend analysis. This gives us a competitive and qualitative edge compared to other consultants, because we are aviation industry experts first, and consultants second.

Apply Your Experience. We want to collaborate with forward thinkers who are already experienced in airline and aviation analytics and planning – folks who have “been there” and can immediately jump in with us and contribute to the types of assignments we are known for.  Got a background in route and market analysis? Great. Understand the dynamics of aviation forecasting? Fine. Want an environment where open thinking is encouraged? That’s here.

Other areas of aviation are respected, but not where we’re headed.

If It Involves Aviation Planning & Related Expertise, It’s BGI. You can gain insight from this website to the types of projects we tackle on a routine basis. In addition, we maintain and are now actively expanding our forecast services, and are also considering qualified associates who may want to work with us in those areas.

  • Our Airports:USA® system is the only enplanement forecasts done in the private sector, isolated from the obsolete and sometimes politically-affected methodologies utilized by government agencies.
  • Our Global Fleet Trend & Demand Forecasts keep us up to date with airline strategies, based on the airliner mix at each;
  • Our Airports:China™ program is the only forecast of China air traffic outside of China itself. Our website is the only aviation-related source to candidly cover events between China and the rest of the world.

Want To Contribute To Aviation Intelligence? And, we are constantly on top of events in aviation across the globe.

Working with BGI requires a high degree of intent to change aviation, to explore new concepts, and to challenge ambient thinking.

If you’re interested in exploring this opportunity, just send us an email. Resumes are fine, but we expect upfront to see a discussion of your unique views on aviation. Working situation is expected to be remote electronic communication, and the structure of the relationship with BGI can be innovatively discussed.