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Ten Disruptive Realities - Adapt, Accept & Optimize.

Or Fall Behind.

Changes in the economic and business environment are never easy. They demand that the old "solutions" be discarded and new ones developed. Success in aviation is largely the difference in the time a change is clearly identified and when actions are taken to accommodate - or, in our view, optimize - the new realities.

At Boyd Group International, we believe the ten Disruptive Realities below are just the starting points for new, innovative aviation planning in 2014. Of course, we stand ready to assist our clients in meeting these challenge/opportunities. Unlike other consultants, we are not afraid to look over the horizon, based on our two decades of forecast and research experience. We're not reticent to illuminate all of the hard futurist facts to our clients - regardless of whether they agree with "ambient thinking."  The fact is that leaders stand out from the crowd.

In aviation consulting and planning, that's the foundation of Boyd Group International. It's also the foundation of our clients, who are leaders in their fields.


1.       Airliner Demand It’s Now Technology & Replacement Driven

2.       Airline Consolidation More To Come. But Not Just Mergers

3.       Global Portals - Eclipsing The Role & Need For Airline Alliances

4.       US Enplanement Forecast - Glacial Growth Is Now Structural


5.       NextGen  - A Government Program We Can Depend On. Year After Year

6.       US Airline Expansion Strategies - Not There 

7.      US Airline Industry - With Just Four Network Carriers Left, What's The Mystery?

8.       Frequent Flier Programs - The Benefits Are Becoming "Non-Inconveniences"

9.       Air Service Development  -  Obsolete & Focused On Recreating The Past

10.   Airport Strategy & Tactical Planning - Get It, Or Miss The Global Economy

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We're Not Afraid To Deal With Disruptive Realities - They're Really Opportunities 

Certainly, the PDF document does not cover all of the changes and disruptive realities we see coming in 2014. But in the coming year, Boyd Group International will be making some exciting additions to the services and forecasting it offers its clients. All are based on futurist research - actionable insight that looks ahead, not backward.

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Disruptive Opportunity - Give Boyd Group International A Call. In the meantime, if your organization is thinking of a business strategy review for 2014, give us a call at (303) 674-2000, or e-mail us via the Contact page on this site.

Disruptive Realities represent opportunities, and that's the business we're in.

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